Small Business Interest Checking

Get total control of your balance while growing your bottom line each month too. In the realm of business, every dollar counts. So why not get even more each month?

Income Checking gives you a solid return on your money while still making it easy to access your balance. Write up to 100 checks per month and up to 150 transactions per month, access accounts online, and more. It only takes $200 to get started. Open your account today.


Account Summary

  • Interest bearing checking account (view rates)
  • Tiered interest rate structure
  • 100 checks per month; 25¢ each thereafter
  • 150 transactions per month
  • $200 to open account
  • Low $12 per month service charge

How to Waive a Service Charge

  • $5,000 minimum daily balance


  • $25,000 minimum daily balance in related deposit accounts*


  • $5,000 or more in direct deposits per month**

Other Services


*Related deposit account balances include checking, savings and time deposits and must be held under the same Tax Reported Owner

**Direct deposits include First Bank Merchant Services Deposits

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