Money Market

This account does a whole lot more than just hold your money! You can earn interest on every dollar, with a higher rate than regular savings accounts.

But that's not all. This account offers a tiered rate structure with a better return as your balance grows. And you can still have access to funds, even by check! It's everything you need.


Account Summary

  • Higher rates than First Premium account (view rates)
  • Interest earned on entire balance
  • Tiered rate structure rewards higher balances
  • Limited check writing privileges
  • $2,500 deposit to open account
  • $10 monthly charge*

How to Waive a Service Charge

  • $2,500 minimum daily balance


  • $5,000 minimum daily balance in related deposit accounts**

Other Services


  • None.


* Plus sales tax

** Related deposit account balances include checking, savings and time deposits and must be held under the same Tax Reported Owner


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