Overdraft Protection

Shop with confidence, knowing you're always covered. No one likes being told no—with overdraft protection, you can make sure that never happens.

Don't let a minor accounting oversight result in getting your purchases denied or hefty bounced check merchant fees. We offer two ways to protect your accounts: link your checking to your savings or get a line of credit to cover any overages, so your accounts are always safe!

  • Protect your credit
  • Avoid denied debit card purchases
  • Eliminate merchant NSF fees
  • Automatic transfers from savings or line of credit
  • No bounced checks
  • Low maintenance charges
  • Subject to approval
  • No fee for this service
How Do I Sign Up?

Setting up Overdraft Protection is fast and easy! Simply visit any First Bank branch, fill out an authorization, and it is applied!

If you have further questions regarding Overdraft Protection, please contact your local branch.

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